San Diego Killifish Group & Livebearer Group

Mingcong Bai

I live in a small (250 ft²) studio apartment, negotiating constantly with spatial (and other) constraints. Fishkeeping is a way for me to find some time off my work and stresses as a history PhD student.

Most of my tanks are of 5.5 or 10 gallon sizes, all heavily planted with a deep sand bed, unheated, and filtered with sponge filters. All tanks (except for those housing Goodeids) uses various kinds of Corydoras as clean-up fish. Temperature fluctuates in my apartment throughout the day.

Contact Information

You may get in touch with me via one of the following contact methods. I try to reply to any inquiries within a day.

  • E-mail:
  • Facebook: Mingcong Bai
  • Telegram: @JeffBai

Current Species

I predominantly maintain livebearers (Goodeids, Mollies, and Swordtails), along with medaka/ricefish and killifish on the side. I keep most of these species in species-only setups, with environments intended for breeding.

If you are interested in obtaining any of these species, please contact me for arrangements.

Adrianichthyidae / Ricefish

  • Oryzias sp. (“Platinum White Medaka”)
  • Oryzias sp. (“Ujo Sansyoku Medaka”)

Cyprinidae / Carps

  • Acheilognathus macropterus (“Rainbow Bitterlings”)

Goodeidae / Splitfins

  • Ameca splendens, Rio Teuchitlán
  • Skiffia multipunctata, Lago de Camécuaro
  • Xenotoca doadrioi, San Marcos
  • Zoogoneticus tequila, Rio Teuchitlán

Nothobranchiidae / African Rivulines

  • Fundulopanchax gardneri, Akure

Poeciliidae / Livebearing Toothcarps

  • Girardinus metallicus (Yellow and black strain from Marc Allen)
  • Limia nigrofasciata (“Humpback Limia”)
  • Limia perugiae (“Perugia’s Limia”)
  • Poecilia latipinna, Southern Florida (“Sailfin Mollies”)
  • Poecilia latipinna, Salton Sea - California Aquatic Farm, 2022 (“Sailfin Mollies”)
  • Poecilia salvatoris, Salton Sea - Salton Sea Farms, 2022 (“Liberty Mollies”)
  • Poecilia sp., (“Red Tailed Dalmatian Mollies”)
  • Poecilia velifera, Yucatán (“Yucatán Mollies”)
  • Poeciliopsis gracilis, Salton Sea - Salton Sea Farms, 2022 (“Porthole Livebearer”)
  • Priapella compressa (“Blue Eyed Livebearer”)
  • Xiphophorus birchmanni, Orizatlán (Yellow fin strain from Mobetta/Darrell Nekoba)
  • Xiphophorus helleri, Río Otapa (“Río Otapa Swordtails”)
  • Xiphophorus maculatus, Río Papaloapan (“Río Papaloapan Platies”)
  • Xiphophorus mayae
  • Xiphophorus sp. (“Black Berlin Swordtails”)
  • Xiphophorus sp. (“Red Berlin Swordtails”)


If you happen to have the following species, please contanct me.

  • Oryzias sp. (“Youkihi Medaka,” or “Red Cap Medaka”)

Here is a gallery of my current setups.

Main display tank
Main display tank, 20 gallons, housing Poecilia latipinna and Xiphophorus birchmanni, Orizatlán
Dinner table tank
Dinner table tank, housing Limia nigrofasciata
Rack #1
Rack 1/2
Rack #2
Rack 2/2
My medaka breeding bucket (left), and daphnia culture (right)


Perugia's Limia