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This website serves as a joint platform for the San Diego Killifish Group and the San Diego Livebearer Group. With a passionate group of hobbists for killifish and livebearers in the greater San Diego area, we created this website in the interest to share our resources and to broaden our public outreach.

The current fishkeeping community does not give killifish and livebearers the attention it deserves, and each group of species has their own issues with public appeal. Whereas fishkeepers often perceive killifish as fragile and short-living, the livebearers see only a fraction of its diverse population in the general fish trade, with many fabulous and unique species and strains forgotten or hidden from the wider hobbist community. By setting up this joint platform, we hope to demonstrate to the fishkeeping community the joyful idiosyncrasies and unrepeated beauty of these two species groups.

The Clubs

The San Diego Killifish Group is an affiliated club of the American Killifish Association, abiding to The AKA Affiliate Club Charter. Dedicated to the dissemination of information and knowledge about killifish, members of the San Diego Killifish Group holds monthly presentations and auctions at our joint location and time. You may also find the San Diego Killifish Group at annual shows held in conjunction with the San Diego Tropical Fish Society.

The San Diego Livebearer Group currently operates as an independent and hobbist-organized club, focusing primarily on wild-type species. Members also maintain various aquarium strains of interest.

Personal Pages and Article Submissions

At our monthly meetings, you are welcome to get in touch with the webmasters (Mingcong “Jeff” Bai, Jack McCollough, and Jiangjin Wang) to set up your personal page on this website. You may use your personal page to present the various aspects of your fishkeeping hobby (your aquarium setups, interests, etc.), as well as listing the species you maintain and your species wishlist.

You may also submit articles to present your fishkeeping experiences, guides and tips, species highlight, etc. Please submit your article submission and all associated attachment (photos, videos, audio, etc.) via e-mail to Jeff at

Content Usage

All contents on this website are open for public use. You may repost any content on this website.

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